The name of the brand consists from two words - "Breath" and "Leyton" (village in the suburbs  of London). "BreatLey" symbolizes the British spirit of freedom and culture. The Breatley brand is based on the continuity of traditions and a tribute to history.

Today “Breatley” is a close united team of professionals: designers, marketers and, of course, artisans of various specializations who continue to create the history of their dynasties! 

The collection presented on this website indirectly refers to the history of dances of the peoples of the Kingdom of Britain: England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. After all, dance in its essence is an expression of absolutely all the feelings and emotions that are known to human. Our ancestors accompanied by special dances all the events that took place in their lives. Just like the rest of the world, they danced in Britain. 

On behalf of the team of the brand Breatley thank you for your interest in Us and the result of our activities! 

Thank you!

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