Dance Jenny Pluck Pears, which means “Jenny collects pears”, refers to the English folk Counterdance dances. Since the middle ages, this dance has been a very popular leisure of the people. And now, having heard a melody for this dance, it will seem very familiar even to any non-Englishman. As a rule, several men and women participate in the dance, forming pairs, and Express their feelings and emotions in the rhythm of the dance. 

For both men and women, in the best traditions of the English style, Breatley artisans have created a wonderful bag, calling it Jenny Pluck pierce! It is truly universal. Bag "Jenny" is suitable for going on a picnic, and to accompany on long trips, and even fit for transporting pears from a passing supermarket. Well, to pass with this bag your office-is simply unacceptable! 

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