WELSH CLOG Briefcase

In Wales, as in England, most folk dances have sunk into oblivion.  Those that have survived to our time are a mixture of different styles. On the dancers there are costumes of the XVII century: skirts, aprons, scarves, men high cylinders - symbols of the revival of national identity. And only one Welsh dance - Clog, performed in wooden shoes, does not contain elements of other styles. Welsh Clog was born among the workers of those times, it is a competitive dance, which is a complex pattern of steps and acrobatic tricks.

Especially for a business lady, or for her business partner of the opposite sex, for self-confident individuals, Breatley designers created  a classic briefcase in the British style. A team of artisans embodied the idea of designers. Strict, slightly angular shapes and retro proportions of The Welsh Clog briefcase, combined with the highest quality materials and manual labor, will not leave indifferent neither you nor others!

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