JENNY PLUCK PEARS fresh carrot handbag

Brand: Breatley
Product Code: 051301
Color: Cognac-canary
Weight: 970 гр
Materials: Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings, polyester
Dimension: 35 см х 22 см х 16.5 см
Time of manufacturing: 88 hours of manual labor
Availability: In Stock

  • 49,900 ₽

Inspired by the English motives and rich British history, we show you headliner collection Breatley - bag JENNY PLUCK PEARS. Bright... Attention-grabbing... Emphasizing Your status... In an incredibly stylish design... It is suitable for any life situations.
The bag is made of thick premium quality genuine leather, the bottom is prudently reinforced with slats, turning into durable handles and all the thread connections are neatly made by hand stitching. Sidewalls are made from natural oak have such thickness and processing that at the minimum weight of the product provided its maximum strength. By the way, thanks to them, the bag will never lose its shape. The valve fastens with two reliable locks, on the back side of the bag there is a small pocket with a zipper for small things. Inside there are several pockets and a removable organizer with a zipper. The spaciousness of JENNY PLACK PEARS is amazing, for example, it can be simultaneously: A4 magazines, a bottle of French Brut and a pair of high-heeled shoes, not to mention every little thing.
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Цвет изделия

Color Cognac-canary

Особенности производства

Time of manufacturing 88 hours of manual labor

Материалы изделия

Materials Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings, polyester
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