MOLLY dark choco handbag

Brand: Breatley
Product Code: 031203
Color: Dark choco
Weight: 400 гр
Materials: Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings, polyester
Dimension: 24.5 см х 18 см х 8.5 см
Time of manufacturing: 48 hours of manual labor
Availability: In Stock

  • 26,900 ₽

Women's bag MOLLY has a thin minimalist design and the highest quality of performance, which undoubtedly refreshes Your image and makes the views of others freeze on you. This handbag is average in capacity, but it is sufficient for everyday use. It consists of the following elements: a pair of planks of natural oak, one layer of high-quality leather, a little vintage accessories and a pinch of durable waxed thread. All these materials are subjected to the magic of the artisans Breatley. After about 7 days, the handbag is ready to meet with its happy owner!  Inside the bag there is a removable pocket with several compartments, including a zipper. There is a possibility of carrying handbag MOLLY just in your hand, on the elbow or, due to a removable chain-strap, on the shoulder.
Wear it on occasion or every day and you will always be irresistible!

Цвет изделия

Color Dark choco

Особенности производства

Time of manufacturing 48 hours of manual labor

Материалы изделия

Materials Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings, polyester
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