BREATLEY key case graphite

Brand: Breatley
Product Code: 3113101
Color: Graphite
Materials: Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings
Dimension: 6 см х 11 см х 2 см
Time of manufacturing: 8 hours of manual labor
Availability: In Stock

  • 4,700 ₽

Pocket key holder made of genuine leather with wooden elements and neat stitches. The hardware in the key holder is antique brass and made in Italy. The oak sides of the housekeeper are polished and covered with oil based on hard wax, which gives them an aesthetic matte Shine and protects them from moisture and dirt.

Use this key case is very convenient - when opening the button, the key holder's valve opens and the keys on the string, under their weight, fall out; pulling the tail of the string, the keys are hidden inside, the button on the valve is fastened.

You can purchase a choice of one (or more) of the 4 sizes of the case. When ordering, please specify the size of the key holder, or write the size of the keys so that we can select the appropriate case for them.

Leather and wood are sewn through with a strong polyester thread in the technique of professional leather seam (no glue, no furniture nails and rivets, only an aesthetically smooth, pleasing hand seam).

The service life is more than 5 years.

Цвет изделия

Color Graphite

Особенности производства

Time of manufacturing 8 hours of manual labor

Материалы изделия

Materials Genuine leather, oakwood, metal fittings
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